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The Top 10 Bitcoin and Crypto Ad Networks for 2024

Crypto Ad Networks

For your crypto-related ventures to reach the relevant audience, crypto advertising is crucial. Crypto adverts are, however, prohibited on the majority of conventional ad networks, such as Google AdSense. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter forbid you from running cryptocurrency advertisements for its customers.

These limitations deprive publishers of a reliable source of revenue and put advertisers in a difficult situation. Although publishers produce excellent crypto material and receive a lot of traffic, their work goes unpaid in the absence of advertisements. Additionally, by not using these sites, advertisers are missing out on reaching a potential customer base that would be interested in their commercials.

Crypto ad networks offer a solution to this conundrum by giving cryptocurrency publishers and advertisers a place to combine the finest aspects of both worlds.

A Crypto Ad Network: What Is It?
A platform that links cryptocurrency advertisers and publications is known as a cryptocurrency ad network. It enables cryptocurrency projects and businesses to advertise their goods and services on forums, blogs, and websites pertaining to cryptocurrency.

Crypto ad networks are distinct from platforms such as Google AdSense in that they serve the bitcoin market only. Because of this, crypto ad networks are able to provide customized advertising with the highest level of effectiveness since they are aware of the particular needs of this industry.

To further improve security and anonymity, decentralized technologies are frequently used by cryptocurrency ad networks. Both fiat money and cryptocurrencies can be used to pay fees and make transactions. Minimum daily ad budgets and deposits may apply to advertisers. Cryptocurrency ad networks enable publishers to

List of  the Top 10 Crypto Advertising Networks for 2024

With tons of crypto ad networks, it can be tough to choose. Here’s a compilation of the best crypto ad networks for 2024 and beyond.

1. Bitmedia

Bitmedia 1024x586 1

Bitmedia is a cryptocurrency advertising network headquartered in London that provides more than 1 billion impressions for its sponsors each month by reaching over 20 million viewers worldwide. They employ AI to make sure users only see pertinent advertisements and to gather more data about user behavior for their ever-improving ad-serving algorithm.

Bitmedia provides crypto marketers with a large selection of ad kinds, including rich media, HTML5 advertisements, and display ads. Publishers and advertisers are carefully chosen to guarantee quality on both sides. Additionally, Bitmedia offers a price floor option, allowing publishers to choose to accept only highly paid, client-relevant advertisements. If advertisers wish to draw in high traffic websites, they should keep this in mind when placing their bids.


  • Flexible pricing models using CPC or CPM
  • Strong geotargeting, with the bulk of traffic coming from the US, Canada, and European countries
  • Offers geo, device, timing, and frequency targeting
  • Round-the-clock support crew
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Intuitive and simple ad interface

Budget: No minimum deposit | Minimum bid 0.0000205 BTC


  • Extensive network of high-quality crypto-related websites
  • Lots of ad types to choose from
  • High-quality publishers attracted by the competitive payouts
  • Strict verification and security system in place to protect advertisers against fraud, bots, and paid traffic


  • Transacts only in Bitcoin and fiat

2. Cointraffic

Cointraffic 1024x495 1

Seven years ago, Cointraffic was founded to help marketers who were having trouble establishing contact with reliable specialty websites. In the past, in order to interact with journalists and promote their cryptocurrency initiatives, advertisers had to engage in direct outreach. Advertisers wasted a lot of ad budget on a lot of unqualified traffic when there was no geo or device targeting. The creators of Cointraffic recognized the market and anticipated a sharp rise in demand for cryptocurrency ad networks.
The platform’s registration process is simple and quick. With their self-service option, you can quickly build up a campaign. Their method verifies publishers, rejecting websites with poor traffic quality. Advertisers can rest easy knowing that only trustworthy websites will display their adverts.


  • Self-service tool and personal account managers for easy campaign setup
  • Multiple ad formats available
  • Supports fiat and cryptocurrency payments
  • Selective pool of publishers
  • Provides geo and device targeting
  • Provides traffic from all over the world

Budget: 500 Euro Minimum Deposit| 20 Euro Minimum Daily Budget| PR distribution starts at 1,500 Euro


  • Campaign goes live within minutes
  • Wide range of banner sizes available
  • Access to huge traffic volumes


  • Weak geo-restriction, which can produce unqualified leads
  • Offers only CPM plan, with the CPM floor setting available as an add-on service
  • Expensive minimum bids

3. Coinzilla

Coinzilla 1024x542 1

Every month, Coinzilla receives 1 billion impressions from more than 650 cryptocurrency websites across the globe. Since Coinzilla permits publishers as long as they match their fundamental conditions, traffic sources are numerous and varied. Geo-targeting allows advertisers to personalize their adverts, and tracking and optimization tools allow them to keep an eye on their performance.


  • Fast setup within minutes
  • Multiple ad formats in various sizes
  • Self-serve campaigns
  • Adjustable budgets that allow advertisers to start small
  • HTML5 banners
  • Accepts cryptocurrency and fiat payments
  • Dedicated account manager

Budget: 100 EUR Minimum Budget


  • Quick setup and customizable campaigns
  • Lots of payment options, including SEPA bank transfer and crypto deposits via CoinGate or
  • Proven track record with over 16,000 campaigns delivered


  • Advertising model limited to CPM only

4. A-ADS

A Ads 1024x586 1

Since its launch in 2011, A-Ads (Anonymous Ads) has been a leader in the cryptocurrency advertising space. They feature an easy-to-use advertising platform that doesn’t demand any personal information. The ad network takes great pride in safeguarding its consumers’ privacy. Additionally, it provides open statistics that are updated in real time and are accessible on its website.

Publishers can blacklist irrelevant advertising and advertisers can choose to opt out of appearing on undesired websites through A-Ads’ manual moderation feature. Each advertiser on the site is assigned a tag to help them stand out from the others because it allows ads from a variety of businesses, such as gambling, NSFW, and others.


  • HTML code embeds
  • CPD, CPA, and CPM advertising models
  • Various cryptocurrencies accepted as payments
  • Offers targeting using site categories, GEOs, and quality range
  • Targets countries worldwide but receives the majority of its traffic from English-speaking countries
  • Extensive selection of cryptocurrency traffic sources ideal for promoting ICOs, currency exchanges, cloud mining, and more

Budget: No minimum deposit | Premium Crypto Package starts at $44.32 CPM


  • Different advertising models to choose from
  • Easy and quick campaign setup
  • Maximize ad spending by working on a daily budget


  • Ads can appear on low-quality sites

5. Coin.Network 1024x531 2

Coin.Network takes crypto campaigns to the next level with their highly curated partner sites that deliver more than 1 billion monthly impressions from over 50 million active users. It’s owned by BuySellAds, a popular context-focused advertising platform emphasizing privacy.

There are various ad formats available through the platform. Advertisers can create Display and Native Ads. They can also work with Coin.Network’s performance marketing experts who will optimize their campaigns for relevant audiences.


  • Full-stack management suite
  • Geo, interest, and industry targeting
  • Privacy and context-focused platform
  • Native and Display Ad formats
  • Show ads only on top-tier crypto sites
  • Accepts fiat (USD), BTC, ETH, LTC, and other cryptos as modes of payment

Budget: Minimum $5,000 for Self-Serve Campaign


  • Owned by a leading company in CPM and CPC advertising
  • High-quality and carefully selected publishers
  • Impressive monthly traffic and impressions
  • Non-disruptive ads


  • High minimum budget (for a self-serve ad campaign)
  • Smaller pool of crypto websites to choose from

6. CoinAd

Coinad 1024x567 1

A rigorous network for cryptocurrency ads, CoinAd only allows publishers via invitation. The top cryptocurrency websites with at least 100,000 daily page impressions are chosen by the ad network, which then extends an irresistible offer to them. CoinAd allows reputable cryptocurrency websites leverage their knowledge to profit profitably. Advertisers can therefore be sure that highly relevant traffic will see their adverts.

The fact that CoinAd does not hold advertising bid auctions is another unique selling point. Equal opportunities are provided to each advertiser for their banners to be seen throughout the day. Additionally, they have a marketplace where marketers may choose the news dissemination and banner packages that best suit their requirements.


  • Multiple ad formats
  • Self-service and customizable ads
  • CPC and CPM ad models
  • PR story distribution

Budget: Packages start at $100 | Minimum Daily Budget $5


  • Reliable ROI due to high-quality publishers
  • Affordable ad campaigns


  • Limited choices of publishers

7. Adshares

Adshares 1024x539 1

An additional type of cryptocurrency ad network is called Adshares. It functions as a decentralized platform that links publishers and advertisers directly, eliminating the need for middlemen, as opposed to Google AdSense. Through adshares, marketers may access programmatic advertisements on websites, mobile apps, AR/VR, games, and metaverse. It makes it possible for publishers to monetize any digital space.

With the help of its open-source SDK, developers can easily include the whole blockchain ecosystem and take advantage of transparency in their marketing initiatives. As a result, the negative actors that have proliferated in the advertising industry are eliminated.


  • Low fees due to the open ecosystem
  • Decentralized ad servers
  • Instant payments from advertisers to publishers
  • Censorship-free
  • Real-Time Settlement instead of Bidding


  • Direct transactions between publishers and advertisers
  • Less prone to fraud due to transparency features
  • Available for small advertisers without huge budgets


  • One-by-one transactions with publishers

8. DOT

Dot 1024x421 1

More than 150 blockchain and cryptocurrency news websites are directly accessible to advertisers through DOT, a top premium crypto ad network in the UK. To connect with quality audiences interested in NFTs, DeFi, DAOs, and other related blockchain technologies, advertisers can even access well-known crypto podcasts.

Through its contextual and geo-targeted targeted marketing, DOT is dedicated to bringing about conversions. Additionally, tracking links can be embedded by advertisers for increased metrics transparency.


  • One-click audience profiling
  • Premium publishers in crypto, gaming, DeFi, and Web3
  • Comprehensive DOT Analytics Dashboard
  • Flexible and monthly rolling plans
  • Round-the-clock client support

Budget: Starts at $999


  • Established audience through premium partners
  • Transparent metrics
  • Dedicated management for campaigns


  • Limited sites accepted—only those in crypto, gaming, finance, and blockchain

9. ADConity


Based in Zurich, ADConity is a cryptocurrency ad network that provides affordable ad rates using the CPA, CPM, and CPC models. You can use text, graphics, banners, pop-ups, public relations, and more as ads. The user-friendly interface and customizable features of this platform will make campaign setup effortless for advertisers.

Since its founding in 2017, the platform has gained recognition and relationships with well-known companies such as GoDaddy. The cryptocurrency ad network specialized in cryptocurrency marketing, GameFi apps, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and blockchain websites.


  • Three revenue models available: CPM, CPA, and CPC
  • Text and Banner advertising
  • Intuitive interface
  • Crypto and fiat payment options


  • Competitive bids
  • High-quality publishers
  • Easy campaign set-up

10. Ad Dragon (now Dragon X)

Dragon X

Ad Dragon is a rapidly growing crypto advertising platform that challenges the current model of crypto advertising. It’s the world’s first DeFi and Ethereum-based platform where payments are all made in cryptocurrency. They offer peer-to-peer advertising through an online marketplace and use decentralized blockchain technology to power their solutions.

As a decentralized platform, they don’t use data harvesting and mass surveillance but instead, give publishers and advertisers the freedom to create their perfect advertising scenario. Publishers sell their advertising services (i.e., sponsored posts, press releases, banner ads) in an online store, while advertisers browse the marketplace to find the best-fit ad opportunities. Publishers dictate the price of their ad spots, and advertisers select the ones that fit their needs.

Advertisers can also customize how they want their crypto-related projects promoted on the publisher’s website. It’s a new way for advertisers to find and connect with the most relevant publishers to their niche and achieve the exact vision of their crypto marketing campaigns.


  • Online marketplace
  • Peer-to-peer transactions
  • Privacy-focused ads and censorship-free network
  • Blockchain technology encryption
  • Monitoring tools to gauge campaigns’ performance
  • Modern advertising techniques like podcast marketing, influencer marketing, etc.

Budget: Depends on the services you’d get | Ad Dragon takes a 5% commission from publisher’s fees


  • Fresh way to advertise your crypto projects
  • Transparent system that reduces risks of fraud
  • Limitless options for crypto advertising that fits your budget


  • No strict policy for vetting publishers, so you must perform your own due diligence
  • Relatively new ad network in comparison to others on the list



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